3 Bucket List Mountains to Hike

If hiking is your thing, you will know the importance of choosing the best locations. Top hikers don’t go where everyone goes. They find the most challenging trails and take it up for an adventurous experience. Mountains are top hikers’ favorites, and there is a need to choose the perfect ones.

Are you the adventurous type? Do you want to hike some spectacular mountains? Here, we will discuss just three of the best mountains you should hike. These are mountains that should be on your bucket list:

Tour du Mont Blanc

If you ever want to hike in Europe, this is the best place to have on your bucket list. It is one of the most famous mountains in Europe and offers the dream hiking experience for most people. Mont Blanc is loved for so many things. Surrounded by high pastures and glaciers, there are several trails you can take when hiking the mountain. The paths are well-mapped, so you wouldn’t have any issues with directions. There are comfortable lodgings to rest each day, and you will never lack good food to stay nourished.

Mount Kilimanjaro

How wonderful do you think it will be to hike the highest mountain in Africa? You should also know that this is the highest free-standing mounting in the world. This famous mountain is obviously very challenging to hike. It occupies the top position in most people’s bucket list for many reasons. To acclimate and improve your chances of success, opt for the Lemosho Trek. It is also the route that will let you take in the beauty of the mountain and its vast plains as you begin your hiking adventure. There are so many things you will enjoy about hiking this mountain; from the amazing wildlife to camping under star-lit skies, it can be a once-in-a-lifetime hike.

John Muir Trail

If you are not sure about leaving the United States for a hiking expedition, the Sierra Mountains are your best options. John Muir Trail in California is the perfect place to start a wonderful mountain hiking experience in the country. You will be able to hike at a consistent elevation of 8,000 feet, which is something spectacular. Thanks to the higher elevations, you will be able to experience mountain lakes, granite cliffs, and magnificent views.

There you have it! Above are three bucket list mountains to hike. Hiking mountain trails offers you the opportunity to explore nature at its best while reaching elevated heights. If you are a hiking aficionado, then you need to hike on the mountains mentioned above. A fantastic experience awaits you.