3 Things You Need Take With You on a Plane

When traveling on a plane, there are a few necessary things to take with you in your carry-on bag. Here are 3 of our must-have items for your next flight.


 A compact e-reader gets rid of the bulk and weight of packaging books, and is a cinch to carry on planes, cramped buses, and in hostel bunks. Taking a high volume of books with you in a compact place like an eReader should really be called a “traveling essential.” A protective case is strongly recommended to cover the screen when it’s stowed away. Kindle is our best recommendation for this.


Padfolios may have many purposes for your overall wellbeing while vacationing. They give you a way to keep important thoughts, items for documentation, etc. Even padfolio planners have a place on your own list of travel fundamentals because they may keep your schedule for you without the need to rely on wi-fi.

Headphone adapters

 This is particularly true with new iPhone users. Headphone jacks are not universal anymore. Those times are gone. Nevertheless, most planes are not equipped to deal with these new headset jacks, so forgetting your headset jack adapter could make a long flight feel even longer. For your sanity, bring an adapter with you! 

Power Charger 

Some planes have power outlets in seats now, but don’t be surprised if your plane doesn’t. Avoid this outcome all together with a tiny power charger. They can be as small as 4 inches long and weighing less than 4 ounces, leaving your devices charged and full of life for your entire flight.