4 Best Green Mountain Hikes

Vermont is a fun place to take your family for a getaway. Hiking in the Green Mountains can be a very enjoyable hiking activity for anyone staying close or even living far from Vermont. There are plenty of picturesque views to behold, and each of them is beautiful and will make for great snapshots using your cameras. You can decide to visit Green Mountain today and enjoy the very best views you have ever seen in your life. They will give you a nostalgic feeling anytime you remember to take a fresh hike. Let’s look at some of the best hiking trails you can follow should you decide to make the trip. 

Hike at Killington 

Killington adventure center has so many hiking trails that cover over 15 miles which you can take and have a great time. The trails vary in difficulty, meaning that hikers of varied expertise can decide to follow that trail. The easy trails are shorter and easy to cover (over 2 miles), while the moderate ones cover 3 miles. Difficult trails are longer than the others and have steep vertical climbs that make things interesting. 

Mount Equinox Trail

If you’re an expert hiker, Mount Equinox will be the perfect hiking spot for you to take. The mountain features the highest peak in the entire Taconic Range. The trails are difficult, but that’s what makes the hiking interesting for anyone to navigate, and it’s worth the climb if you make it. There are wildflowers along the way, making for great sights. 

The Long Trail 

The Long trail represents Vermont’s version of a trip in the wilderness. It’s one of the oldest hiking trails in the United States. The hiking path follows the path from the green Mountains trailing from the Massachusetts-Vermont line proceeding to the Canadian border and has a rugged terrain of over 400 miles. Hikers will cherish the experience. 

Bucklin Trail 

This hiking trail will give you a beautiful wide view of the Green Mountains. This is a 7.2-mile trail that moves to Killington Peak. It’s relatively hard and will excite the expert hikers. 

Green Mountain is a hiker’s paradise, and I expect that many more hikers of different pedigree can visit the park and have great experiences.