5 Best Cliffside Hotels

Cliffside hotels are beautiful, idyllic and incredible. They offer amazing views out to the water and more. Many people visit Cliffside hotels because they have so much in store for them. From spas to relaxation facilities, fitness equipment, swimming pools, and scenic landscape. These Cliffside hotels can be a haven for you and your family when you are on a holiday or weekend vacation. Below are some of the best Cliffside hotels.

Rimba Jimbaran, Bali, Indonesia

Located in Bali Indonesia, the Rimba Jimbaran is the Indonesian version of Beverly Hills. Here, luxurious villas are crowded close to one another with amazing perches. Due to the lofty clifftops, the hotels offer spectacular botanical views to anyone who visits.

Birkenhead House, Hermanus, South Africa

A two-hour drive from Cape Town to Hermanus and you will find some of South Africa’s most amazing cliffside hotels. Overlooking two beaches, the Birkenhead House has 11 cozy and well-designed rooms. The chandeliers drip with crystals, there are freestanding Victorian bathtubs, and sea-facing balconies.

Cap Rocat, Mallorca, Spain

Having 22 cozy suites, this hotel overlooking Spain’s Bay of Palma is an amazing hotel situated in Mallorca. The high-walled stoned passages, Moroccan rugs, terraces with beds, and an infinity pool makes this hotel worth visiting. Also overlooking the Mediterranean, this is one of the best Cliffside hotels in Europe.

Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur, California

The Ranch Inn overlooking the Pacific Ocean is the ideal spot for romantic people. Once visited by Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, the rooms and suites are well designed to meet the tastes of different guests. You can take a picnic lunch for a trip down the Pacific Coast Highway in the hotel’s convertible.

Timber Cove Resort, Jenner

Once used as a meditation lodge, the Timber Cove Resort is built of stone and native Redwood trees. It has basic amenities that will make your stay as peaceful as you can imagine.

Cliffside hotels towering on clifftops offer serene ambiance and picturesque views. If you want to take a trip to a Cliffside hotel, you can visit any of the hotels listed above. They have the right basic amenities and services to make your stay worth the while. An amazing experience awaits you as you stay in any of the Cliffside hotels mentioned above.