6 Activities to Try in the Swiss Alps

You might probably think about the mountain tops or the glamorous green Alpine pastures when visiting Switzerland. If you have these thoughts at the back of your mind, this is the time to visit the Swiss Alps and have fun in your chosen areas. Check out these activities that will lure you to visit this site.

Gornergrat Railway

Gornergrat Railway’s first operation can be traced back to 1898, and the good thing is that this railway is still in operation as the highest open-air railway in Europe. Its train lures skiers and sightseers from Zermatt town to the station while providing beautiful views of iconic Matterhorn, colossal glaciers, and Alpine hamlets.

Engadine Valley

The valley spans a distance of 50-mile and is one of the choice locations in Switzerland. Some of its features include a fantastic alpine backdrop, beautiful lakes, and a sunny climate. Also, it encompasses wonderlands like St. Moritz, one of the most populated valleys in Europe.

Glacier Canyon

Enjoy the beautiful sites on display in Glacier Canyon, which came into existence due to the formation of the Lower Grindelwald Glacier via the rock. As streams and waterfalls enter the Lutschine River, you will have a sensory experience that will last for a lifetime.


This site is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a sky-high saddle offering fantastic views of the Bernese Oberland’s snowy peaks and massive glaciers. Ensure that you go through the cog railway to this site and view the longest glacier in Europe.

Lake Brienz (Brienzersee)

Lake Brienz flanks the famous resort town of Interlaken. Brienz village is located opposite the lake, a perfect Swiss spot composed of conventional wooden chalets and the snow-capped Alps emerging from it.


If you have read the story written by Johanna Spyri, you would have come across Maienfeld town. Also, the town features the carton of Graubunden. The characteristic feature of this town includes a museum, Heidi’s house, and a goat barn.

There you have it! Above are some interesting activities to try in the Swiss Alps. This list has been compiled to help you to make an informed decision if you plan on visiting the Swiss Alps. You are sure to have a memorable time at any of these sites!