6 Words to Know for the Country You Are Traveling To

When traveling to a country that has a different language, the communication barrier can become a challenge. Sometimes it can be frustrating to try to communicate and complete simple tasks. There are foreign language basics of the country you’re traveling to you should know to avoid this happening. We will find out below.


If you intend to start a foreign language conversation, you have to begin with a greeting. Greetings help you warm your way into the other’s heart before the real conversation begins. These include hello, good morning, etc.

Where is the…?

In a foreign place, you are most likely to ask for directions to a place. Therefore, you need to learn the “where is the …?” phrase in the local language. Every country has its way of asking questions. Try to learn them.

How much is…?

As you explore your new surrounding, you are most likely to come across a particular thing that piques your interest, and you would want to buy them. To make a good bargain, you will have to do better than pointing at them to indicate interest. Asking the price in the local language will let you haggle for a better price.


There are basic courtesies you should learn in foreign languages to avoid coming off as rude and uncultured. Apart from phrases like thank you and pardon me, you can learn phrases like “I am sorry,” if you bump into someone.

How to Respond

Irrespective of how new you are to someplace, there is a chance that the locals will ask you a question. You can master yes and no words in the foreign language to communicate better with them.

There you have it! Above are some important words to know in the language of the country you are traveling to. Learning certain words in the language of the country or place you are traveling to is highly essential. Knowing these simple words or phrases can help you avoid looking unintelligent. Also, you can easily make friends with the locals when you can communicate with them. Follow these tips above, and you will enjoy better your stay in the foreign place you are planning to travel to.