7 Bucket List Caves to Explore

Underground caves hold mysteries that most of us will love to unravel, but not everyone has the heart to explore these mesmerizing places. Speluncaphobia (cave phobia) is real. Again, people who are claustrophobic are also afraid to get into caves.

Do you love exploring caves? How many of the famous ones have you been to? Here, we will briefly discuss seven of the best caves that should be on your bucket list.

Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) Cave – Belize

ATM cave is for the real, fearless explorers. It is full of skeletons, pottery, and other ceremonial objects used and left by the Maya tribe. No cameras are allowed in this cave, so there is no other way to get the experience than to visit.

Patagonia Marble Caves – Chile

The Patagonia marble caves are regarded by many cave enthusiasts as the most beautiful caves in the world. A tour of the cave will convince you.

Naica Mine or Caves of the Crystals – Mexico

Mexico has a lot of wonderful places, and the Naica Mine is definitely one of the most impressive ones. It is home to the world’s largest crystals, which is why it is also called Caves of the Crystals. Due to the temperature condition of the cave, it remains relatively unexplored.

Waitomo Glowworm Caves – New Zealand

The Waitomo cave is wonderful for many reasons, but the most inviting is the presence of the magical glowworms that illuminate the caves with their unmistakable natural light.

Fingal’s Cave – Scotland

The Fingal’s Cave is an integral part of a National Nature Reserve in Iceland. The inside of this incredible natural wonder looks much like a cathedral with its arching ceiling. It is something referred to as the cave of melody. 

Hastings Caves – Australia

If you find yourself in Australia and in the mood to explore a cave, then the Hasting caves is the right one for you. Some of its chambers are believed to have been formed about ten million years ago.

Hang Son Doong or Mountain River Cave – Vietnam

We can’t recommend the top caves to visit without including the largest cave in the world. Inside this Vietnamese cave, you will find a jungle and a river. It is believed to have formed some 2.5 million years ago. 

There are other great caves around the world, but we believe that these are the most incredible ones every cave lover should have on his/her bucket list.