Ancient Ruins to See in South America

When Ancient civilizations and ruins are discussed, many do not consider South America seriously. The truth, however, is that there are several worthy ruins in South America. While the Inca civilization is quite popular, there are several others that deserve attention. If you are interested in seeing any Ancient Ruins in South America, here are the top options to consider: 

The Lost City (Colombia)

It can take three days to hike to the Lost City, also known as Ciudad Perdida. What you will find here is a pre-Inca civilization dating back to 800 A.D., or 650 years before the popular Machu Picchu. You will be surprised at the unique architecture of the time, including the 1,200 stairs you need to climb to get to the city. 

Chan-Chan (Peru) 

The Chimu Kingdom was powerful in pre-Columbian America. It built Chan-Chan, which is regarded as one of the largest civilizations of the time. It is now a UNESCO World Heritage Sites and presents a lot of excitement for visitors. The kingdom is believed to have existed from AD 850 to about 1470. 

San Ignacio Mini (Argentina) 

This has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site along with some other missions in South America. It is located in the heart of the jungle, just 35 miles from Posadas. The most impressive features of the mission are still intact and you won’t be disappointed after visiting the site. 

Machu Pichu (Peru)

This is regarded as one of the most mystical and sacred places in South America. It holds the magic of the Incas. It is also one of the most beautiful ancient ruins to see in South America. Though it sits up in the sky at 7,000 feet above sea level, it was not until 1911 that the city was discovered. 

Tiwanaku (Bolivia) 

This is a little different from the other sites reviewed here. It is considered one of the most important pre-Hispanic sites in South America and is believed to have been a very powerful center for about 500 years. Located in Western Bolivia near the city of La Paz, this is an interesting place to visit too. 

There you have it! Above are some of the most important ancient ruins to see in South America. South America is a continent with a great history. If you are enthusiastic about South America’s history, you should consider visiting any of the ruins mentioned above.