Best Scenic Desert Tour by Bike

What is the best way to see a desert? Well, you can decide to fly over it or ride a camel if you want a risky Sahara desert adventure. However, if you are interested in having a remarkable but safe experience, a bike tour is the right choice in the 21st century.

There are many places you can tour with a bike, but if you are thinking of a scenic desert tour by Bike, then the Swakopmund tour is the one for you. This unique ecological Namibian cycling experienced is not something we can fully discuss in detail. However, we will try to discuss it and a couple of other desert tours by bike you may be interested in.

Swakopmund Fat Bike Tours

One quick fact – this is regarded as the oldest desert in the world. That means when you are touring the scenic desert with a bike, you are actually taking a ride in historic sands of time. How does that sound? The experience will be far better than what you are feeling right now.

While this adventure is a great choice for those who cherish ecologically-significant experiences, it is also an adrenaline-pumping adventure that promises once in a lifetime moments. You will travel without any form of noise or the slightest form of air pollution. When you ride to the top of Namibia’s famous dunes, you will get the most beautiful views of the rest of the desert, the sea, and Swakopmund.

Mojave Desert

If you can’t make it all the way to Namibia for the best scenic desert tour by bike, you can have a similarly wonderful experience in the driest desert in North America. You will cycle through the stunning Red Rock Canyon, the stunning Red Rock Canyon, and the Valley of Fire. The Journey starts in Las Vegas.

California Desert Bike Tour

You can also have an amazing experience when you take part in a California Desert Bike Tour. You will have an exceptionally wonderful 6-day tour that will take you through Joshua Tree National Park, Borrego Springs, Yaqui Pass, and more. Of course, there are so many side attractions that will make the experience more fulfilling.

Touring the world’s oldest desert is a once in a lifetime experience. If going to Namibia is out of the question for you, the two other options discussed here can be fulfilling too.