Best Time of the Year to Sightsee in Alaska

Alaska is an interesting place for adventures and sightseeing. If you are visiting for sightseeing, it is important that you plan your visit for the right time of the year. Like other interesting places around the world, like the Fjords found in Norway, there are seasons that are ideal for visitors in Alaska. Here, we are talking about the seasons and times of the year when it will be most ideal to see some of the beautiful things that Alaska has to offer to create lasting memories. 

When is the best time of the year to sightsee in Alaska? Different people may have different answers, but we believe that you will have the best experience between June 15 and July 15. There are several reasons for this, and we will discuss a few important ones as briefly as possible.

The Weather Is Just Right 

Alaska weather is not the worst in the country, but it is quite unpredictable. It will be in your best interest to visit when the weather is favorable. From mid-June to mid-July, the weather is just right. July has the warmest temperature, but since Alaska is so far north, it will still be comfortable for most visitors. You also have the longest daylight hours in June, so you will have enough time during the day to see everything that you want to see!  

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It is the Time for Land and Sea Tours 

Since your major objective is sightseeing, it will be great to take both land and sea tours. There is no better time to combine the two than the period we are talking about here. From June, there are scenic Alaska railroad trips and other special modes of transit that will take you to remote lodges and landscapes you won’t want to miss. By July, all trails are accessible for the majority of activities. This is the most reliable period for floatplane rides as well as flightseeing. 

There Is an Abundance of Young Wildlife 

Alaska has rich wildlife, and between mid-June and mid-July is the right time to see young ones. This is the season to see both water creatures, land animals, and birds. You will have opportunities to see caribou, mountain goat kids, black bear cubs, and calves. Harbor seal pups, ducks hatchings, and beluga whales are also visible. This is also the time for optimal seabird and alpine bird rookery viewing. 

There you have it! Above are some reasons why June 15 to July 15 may be the best time to sightsee in Alaska. Alaska is an amazing place to visit. With lots of interesting things to do, you are definitely going to have an amazing experience anytime you go sightseeing in Alaska.