Cities Around the World with the Best Nighttime Light

Some of the most beautiful cities in the world look great day and night. While some look exceptional in the daytime, many become even more beautiful at night. This is made possible by the beautiful nighttime lights installed strategically.

Thanks to advances in lighting technology and the ingenuity of some people, most of the beautiful cities of the world look exceptionally beautiful at night. Honestly, it becomes tough to rate these cities in terms of what the eyes can see. From some of the beautiful photos we have seen, we can actually say that the following cities from around the world have the best nighttime lights:

Moscow – Russia

The capital city of Russia looks great at night. Some of the iconic buildings of Moscow are well lit at night to show the beauty of the city at all times.

London – England

London looks great in the daytime and even better at night. The London Eye is always a sight to behold at night.

Beijing – China

Beijing is always colorful, but you will appreciate the Chinese city better at night. Some of the most beautiful places are adorned with lights that make them even more beautiful upon nightfall.

Sydney – Australia

Sydney is a beautiful city through and through. The beautiful people in the city are treated to great views even at night as the lights come up to make all the difference.

Paris – France

Arguably, Paris remains the most beautiful place in the world. While it may fall down the pecking order at night, the city retains most of its charm.

Rome – Italy

Rome is a timeless city. It looks as great at nighttime as it looks during the day. This is expected of one of the most attractive cities in Europe.

New York City – USA

When Alicia Keys sang that the ‘Big Lights will inspire you’ in New York, she was serious. New York is probably the most beautiful city in North America at nighttime.

Toronto – Canada

Canada has several beautiful cities, but it is definitely Toronto that will stand out when nighttime light is used as the major criterion for judgment.

Hong Kong – China

The second Chinese city on the list, Hong Kong, looks beautiful at night.

Tokyo – Japan

Tokyo is the city in Japan with the best nighttime light. It looks glorious every night.

There you have it! Above are some cities around the world with the best nighttime light. If you fancy nighttime light, you should consider traveling to any of the cities mentioned above. An amazing experience awaits you as you visit.