Fun Places to Go on Your Family Getaway

If you are planning a fun family getaway, then you’ll need to find a unique destination that everyone will love.

There are always places like Disneyland, a national park, or a charming town to explore that can create the perfect day trip or weekend experience. This list of fun places will help you to step outside of your box to think about trying something new.

The Best Fun Places to Go with Your Family

If you are willing to go off the beaten path, there are some incredibly fun places to go that will provide lots of smiles and laughs.

The Ben & Jerry’s Factory Tour

This fun experience is in Waterbury, VT. It includes a look at the people and the machines that make the incredible ice cream that we all love. One of the best parts of the experience is the free samples that you’ll receive. There is a history lesson about the founders of the company too. Then you can tour their flavor graveyard where over 30 different selections didn’t make the grade for sales.

The Neon Museum

This Las Vegas attraction allows visitors to get a taste of what the city was like in the past. The abandoned neon signs from the different casinos that have gone out of business over the decades are on display in this outdoor museum. The oldest item in the collection dates back to the 1930s. There is a lot of rusted metal and broken glass, so watch your footing as you take a look at all of the signs.

Dinny the Dinosaur

A local businessman loved dinosaurs so much that he constructed two of them in the 1980s in Palm Springs, CA. You can see them from miles away as you’re traveling along I-10. You can wander the desert grounds to stretch the legs for free. There’s also a museum inside the stomach of one of the dinosaurs to complete the experience if you’re willing to pay the small fee.

Wall Drug

The tiny town of Wall, South Dakota, is the full-time home of about 900 people. Most of them work at the extensive shopping complex that visitors love to tour. About 1 million people come to this experience each year because they can ride a jackalope or get scared by a T-Rex. There are lots of unique finds and hidden gems waiting for you here, so take your time to browse and have some fun.

Alley Oop Museum and Fantasyland Park

You’ll find this fun attraction in the small town of Iraan, TX. It is a life-size recreation of the 1930s comic strip that shares the same name as the museum. The central feature of the experience is a 65-foot slide down a dinosaur. Several exhibits are available to tour when the complex is open, with several other comic-based attractions to find. It does close during the winter.

If you’re looking for a unique way to have some fun with the family this year, then these attractions can be an exciting way to try something new. Which one do you think that you’ll visit first?