Highest Footbridges Around the World

Footbridges were once built to provide a great path over challenging obstacles and are increasingly being created with thrill-seekers in mind. Read on to find out some of the most incredible footbridges in destinations across the globe.

Peak Walk by Tissot (Bernese Oberland, Switzerland)

The bridge was opened in October 2014 to connect two mountain peaks in Switzerland’s Bernese Oberland. The 351 feet (107-meter) bridge connects Scex Rouge peak with ViewPoint peak. Famed alpine peaks Jungfrau, Mouch, Eiger, the Matterhorn, and Mount Blanc can be viewed from the bridge’s deck. 

Sochi SkyBridge (Sochi, Russia)

Sochi SkyBridge is regarded as one of the world’s longest pedestrian bridges features a 700-meter-long zip wire. The brief comes with two observation platforms and offers incredible views of the Black sea. Also, there is a bungee jumping platform that emanates from the center of the tower.

Aiguille Du Midi Bridge (Mont Blanc Massif, France)

The bridge links the south and north peaks of the Aiguille Du Midi is located 12,604 feet above sea level. To get here, someone has to take a ride on a vertical ascent cable vehicle. Another exciting thing is that visitors can see into Italy, Switzerland, and France from the top.

Tigbao Hanging Bridge (Bohol, Philippines)

Although this structure looks flimsier than what it shows; however, the fact is that it is designed with a metal material, but a bamboo top layer was integrated with the structure to make it authentic depending on your outlook. It hangs 82 feet above the river.

Taman Negara National Park Bridge (Titiwangsa Mountains, Malaysia)

At 1650 feet (530 meters long), this suspension bridge is popular in Malaysia. The narrow bridge can be viewed across the top of the trees in Taman Negara. Note that the ropes are checked daily to eliminate the fears of visitors.

Capilano Suspension Bridge (Vancouver, Canada)

The Capilano suspension bridge stretches 450 feet across and 230 feet above Vancouver’s Capilano River. Though it was originally built in 1889 but was completely remodeled in 1956. It is Vancouver’s most popular and oldest attraction, which receives more than 600,000 visitors per year. 

We have provided a list of the highest footbridges worldwide, including Capilano Suspension Bridge, Taman Negara National Park Bridge, Tigbao Hanging Bridge, Aiguille Du Midi Bridge Sochi SkyBridge, and Peak Walk by Tissot. A wonderful experience awaits you as you visit any of these footbridges, but first be sure to fortify yourself with supplements from DesBio and Vital Nutrients.