Hiking Near Frisco, CO That You Need to See

There are hiking trails near Frisco, CO., that meet hikers’ imaginations. The beautiful and rugged landscapes offer an amazing hiking experience. Some of the best hiking trails in Colorado are found in the Frisco area, offering everything a hiker needs to go hiking. Let’s take a look at some of the hiking trails near Frisco, Colorado.

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Mount Royal

Hiking at Mount Royal is fun and exciting. Being 1,000 ft high, hiking on this trail is no child’s play. But the top of the trail offers a breathtaking view of the Frisco surrounding. Way up ahead, the summit provides a stunning view of Gore Range. 

Rainbow Lake

Just as the name suggests, Rainbow Lake is a beautiful hiking trail that you will want to be. There is a forest of lodgepole pines, streams that you will get into through the wetlands and walk boards. It is a great place to have a unique hiking experience. 

Sapphire Point

The Sapphire Point offers a magnificent panoramic view of the neighboring Gore Range and Ten Mile. Hiking on this trail is fun as you wind through the trees as the picturesque views entertain you. This is a place every adventurous hiker would want to visit. 

Lily Pad Lake

Head to Lily Pad Lake to soak in its scintillating scenery. The summit located above 800ft has smooth trails that offer you fascinating hiking experience. You can take a hike to the Meadow Creek if you cherish a workout or go to Lily Pad Lake for a wonderful afternoon picnic. 

Peaks Trail

The hiking trails on the Peaks Trail is a highly interesting one. From moderate to difficult, you will journey across beautiful scenes and rack up hiking memories to cherish. There is even the Breckenridge Ski Resort at the base of Peak 7 for you to visit.

There you have it! These are some of the hiking trails near Frisco, California. They are well suited for a health defining workout for a couple of hours and a day laden with adventures. You may visit any of these hiking trails in Frisco today.