How to Choose an International Phone Plan for Traveling

Over the years, cellphones have become the ultimate communication device. They are not just used for calls and texting, but facilitate all forms of communication, including video calling. Cellphones can also serve as complete digital assistants, maps, and even translators, making them the travelers’ best friends.

If you travel often, you will know the importance of having the right international phone plan. While cellphones can be configured to suit countries’ communication policies and regulations, it is always better to have a standard international phone plan that will serve you, regardless of where you go.

What Phones Can You Use Internationally?

The first important step is to understand the kind of phones you can use when you travel. Any phone that supports GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) will work internationally. You should also know that network carriers use different technologies, and different countries use different systems.

However, phones that are sold as ‘unlocked’ or ‘SIM-free’ can be used anywhere in the world. ‘Locked’ phones, on the other hand, may not work internationally. Your cell phone company may unlock it for international use, if you ask them.

Best International Phone Plans

As unfortunate as it may sound, the truth is that there is no perfect international phone plan out there. The major phone companies have different packages for their users, and we can’t go into details right here. Some popular plans offered by American companies include:

  • Verizon TravelPass
  • AT&T International Day Pass
  • AT&T Passport
  • Sprint Global Roaming
  • T-Mobile International Plan
  • Google Fi

There is actually no one-size-fits-all option, and you will have to choose what suits you depending on the nature of your travel. You should also consider your destination before choosing a plan.

How to Choose a Plan

Unless you are planning to switch network providers, you need to consider the plans offered by your carrier first. Choose the one that suits you based on your international destination. Depending on your arrangement, research the possibility of switching to a local network in your destination by buying their SIM card and local plans.

Other important considerations to make when choosing an international phone plan are:

  • How long will you stay in the foreign country?
  • Is it cheaper to buy a phone and local data in the country?
  • Is your current phone ‘unlocked?’
  • What is your goal for having access to your phone?

There you have it! Above are some insightful tips to help you choose an international phone plan when travelling. The right international phone plan ensures that you have adequate network and internet connection when you travel to a new place. We hope this guide will help you choose an international phone plan that fits your needs and budget.