Ideas for Traveling in an Airplane with Large Items

The means of traveling has advanced over the ages and traveling in an airplane is now a common means all around the world. When you travel you most likely would have items to travel with both large and small, one of these large items might be electric guitars, world-class acoustics, or even vintage guitars.

Flying with an acoustic guitar is no joke especially if it is a vintage guitar. You would need to be very careful about the handling of this item because the chances of traveling with your guitar intact are very slim if you do not use the right means. In this article, we are going to explore ideas of traveling in an airplane with large items, especially a guitar.

Traveling in an Airplane With Large Items

Following these tips can help better handle your guitar while you travel in an airplane: 

  • Untighten Your Guitar Strings: this is very important because you cannot predict the level of pressure and strain your guitar will go through during the flight. The pressure and temperature fluctuations during a flight can damage your guitar, the strings might tighten to the point that they snap or they would lead to the neck of your guitar breaking. This can easily be avoided if you simply untighten the strings. No matter where your acoustic guitar is going to be placed this idea can help you prevent catastrophic damage to your guitar or any other large item that is like a guitar. 
  • Pad it or Stuff Something Inside: some large items can be very fragile, especially if the inside is hollow. If this is the case then you should stuff cloths or fabric inside of it that can help reduce the likelihood of it breaking. You should also pad the corners of the case of such large items to help it stay firm and prevent it from hitting the hard corners of its case and even if it does there would be some cushioning. Applying this simple idea can help you prevent damage to your item that could be worth thousands of dollars such as a vintage guitar.
  • Research the Airline: it is absolutely important to research whatever airline you want to travel with to know the services they render as regards traveling with large items. Some airlines would let you carry your guitar as a “carry-on” during the flight while others will not. The might provide special handling services for large and previous items or they might not. No matter their position it is important for you to know what they offer, the cost of it, the range of it and if you are willing to pay for it or even fly with the airline. 
  • Ship Your Large Item Before the Flight: Flying with your item might not be a viable option so you could ship it before your flight, that way you can be sure of it being handled appropriately. You should pay for insurance to cover all your bases and be one hundred percent sure that if any damage comes to your item you would be indemnified. This is the best idea for some really large items like a vintage couch as flying with it might not be feasible. 
  • Get a Good, Strong and Durable Case: sometimes all you need to do while flying with a large item is to get the appropriate case for it that would be able to stand the rigors of the flight and still protect your item. This will ensure that your large item is appropriately handled and protected, you would be able to breathe easily while you fly. A good case will not cost too much and it is usually worth the cost.

We hope some of these travel tips will come in handy the next time you fly with large, important items of value.