Is It Safe To Book A Cruise Yet?

Cruising gives you the opportunity to travel in the most remarkable manner and experience a series of exciting locations like never before. But how safe is it to cruise now? The coronavirus pandemic has affected travel in many ways, but no sector has been hit as badly as the cruise industry. The first large ship to set sail since the onset of the pandemic had less than half of its normal passenger capacity on board. Every passenger is also required to abide by strict guidelines to keep the voyage safe. But is it really safe to book a cruise now? 

There are many reasons why you need to think twice before booking a cruise in this uncertain period. The coronavirus pandemic has not been defeated, and there have been cases of COVID-19 found in ships. According to the CDC, up to 3,000 cases of COVID-19, or suspected COVID-19 cases, had been recorded across 123 ships between March through July 10. Thirty-four related deaths have been recorded out of these cases. So there is a big risk factor.

Cruising, just like other travel arrangements, is still a risky undertaking. Nevertheless, there are several reasons to consider booking a cruise now. Here are some of the most important reasons to consider:

Safety Will Be Prioritized 

Cruise companies understand the need to keep cruisers safe and will always put adequate measures in place. The strict measures taken when the MSC Grandiosa cruise ship set sail from Genoa, Italy, is a worthy example.

You Should Book Early to Avoid Missing the Boat 

If you don’t want to miss a particular boat, this is the right time to book. Travel agencies are actually reporting a surge in booking, so you have to get in to avoid disappointment. 

You Can Get the Best Deals 

You are more likely to get a great deal when you book now than when you wait for too long. Depending on the company or agency you choose, you may get a discount. Remember, it doesn’t always last too long. 

Cruising can be a safe choice for travel. The coronavirus has created some uncertainties, but we all know that the level of hygiene is always high on cruise ships, and it is easier to abide by strict measures on cruise ships. If you are planning on taking a cruise ship with your loved ones any time soon, ensure that you stay as safe as possible and shop for support aids Host Defense and Douglas Laboratories that may provide additional support when traveling. We wish you a fantastic experience on water.