Most Popular Celebrity Vacation Destinations

Celebrities are known for choosing the best things in life. From their homes to the cars they drive, most of our stars spend their time outdoing themselves. This also reflects on the places they choose for vacation.

You don’t need to be told that the most popular celebrity vacation destinations are indeed some of the best vacation destinations in the world. We know many of such destinations and will briefly discuss them here – just in case you have the money to visit or really want to spot some of your favorite celebrities while they are vacationing.

Saint Tropez, France

This is one of the places in France blessed with amazing beaches and remarkable landscapes. These wonderful beaches play host to a lot of vacationing celebrities. Jay Z and Beyonce, as well as David and Victoria Beckham, have been spotted here severally.

Mallorca, Spain

This is one of the most spectacular places in Spain and a blissful place for vacationing. Most celebrities know this and visit at different times of the year. It is one of the classiest celebrity vacation destinations for many wonderful reasons.

Lake Como, Italy

Italy is one of the most visited countries in the world. There are just so many places to choose as vacation destinations, but some receive much more celebrity patronage than others. Lake Como is definitely one of the most favored by celebrities from all parts of the world.

Los Cabos, Mexico

This is one of the most accessible holiday destinations for Hollywood stars. Despite its grown popularity, this holiday destination is still affordable to regular folks, even those on a budget. There are hotels and spots in the area that are clearly for the rich and famous, however.

Sydney, Australia

Many A-list celebrities call Sydney home, but many also take the city as their favorite place to cool off. From the InterContinental Hotel to Park Hyatt in the Rocks, there are several attractions here.

Maui, Hawaii, USA

When they want to vacation in the country, most American celebrities head to Hawaii for many reasons. Maui is one of the most visited of the many wonderful places in Hawaii.

Aspen, Colorado, USA

Colorado is another state that witnesses an influx of celebrities for vacationing purposes throughout the year. Aspen is especially attractive to active celebrities who love to ski and snowboard.

There you have it – some of the vacation destinations patronized by celebrities.