Mountain Ziplining Adventures You Will Want to Try

Mountain ziplining is one of the most thrilling adventures you can embark on. It is reserved for the truly adventurous individuals who want to see the world from above. Do you have the stomach for it? Have you had a taste of it in the past and want some new challenges? Here are some amazing ziplining adventures you should definitely try. 

Flightlinez – Las Vegas, United States 

Flightlinez offers a thrilling opportunity to soar over the Mojave Desert in the most adventurous manner. There are several other adrenaline-pumping zip lines in Las Vegas, but this is a favorite for many reasons. 

San Vigilio di Marebbe – Kronplatz, Italy 

There are many places you can enjoy cool ziplining adventures, but we choose this Italian location over the others for many reasons. One, Italy is one of the best countries to tour, and then the San Vigilio di Marabbe is a circuit of ten zip lines that will let you appreciate Puster Valley and the ski resorts in the Tyrol mountain region. 

Puerto Plata Zipline – Dominican Republic 

This is an excellent zipline for those who want to explore a true tropical paradise from above. You will start from Monkey jungle and sail through El Choco National park. You will also view the Caribbean Ocean in its most amazing form.  

La Jolla Indian Reservation – California, United States 

Back in the United States, San Diego, California, offers several ziplining adventures. The longest one opened in La Jolla Indian Reservation in 2015. It will let you fly through canyons, valleys, treetops, and mountains.

Mosjøen Zipline – Helgeland, Norway 

Imagine what it will be like to zip line in Scandinavia. Quit imagining and take steps to do it in one of the most stunning locations in Norway. The Mosjøen Zipline offers a unique Nordic adventure that will take you through the Vefsna River and the Helgeland region, ending in the garden of Fru Haugan’s Hotel. 

Table Mountain Zipline – Cape Town, South Africa 

There are so many wonderful things you can do in Africa: ziplining should be one of them. One of the best places to do that is Cape Town. The Table Mountain Zipline will take you through some stunning landscapes, including a UNESCO heritage Site.  
There you have it! Above are some mountain ziplining adventures to try out. Mountain ziplining is a daring, yet wonderful experience with adrenaline rush. If you want enjoy cool ziplining adventures, you should consider visiting any of the above locations. Just make sure to not get ahead of yourself and fail to prepare ahead of time. Staying healthy and fit during your adventure is important, which is why some people choose products from Now Foods and Onnit A fantastic experience awaits you.