Plan to See These Temples When Visiting Japan

Japan is known for many things, including the number of temples covering its landscape. There are tens of thousands of temples and shrines; naming them is impossible. Are you fascinated by Japanese temples? Do you plan to visit some when you are in the country? This post will help you choose the ones to visit.

Honestly, choosing the temples on this list was a difficult thing to do. There are several thousands of other wonderful temples, but we will strongly recommend that you plan to see these when you visit Japan:

Kiyomizu-dera Temple – Kyoto

Kyoto, alone, has over 2000 temples. Kiyomizu is considered one of the very best ones in the city, as well as the whole of Japan. It is also the most-visited temple in Kyoto. This temple was built in honor of the goddess of mercy, Kannon, and hosts several special events.

Kinkakuji Temple – Kyoto

Another famous temple in Kyoto, Kinkaji was originally built in 1397 as a home of a military chief, known as shogun. It was entirely covered in gold, earning it the nickname, The Golden Pavilion. It is flanked by lush trees and bushes, which help to elevate the feeling of tranquility it offers. 

Hokokuji Temple – Kamakura

This is a unique temple you should certainly visit if you land in Japan. Its ground is a tranquil bamboo forest. You will also be impressed by the delicate moss-covered carvings and ponds of brightly colored koi. You will enjoy your time in the temple as authentic Japanese matcha is served with sweets.

Shitennoji Temple – Osaka

Most visitors find it difficult to believe that this temple was actually built more than 1,400 years ago. That is a fact, however. This famous temple still looks strong and wonderful. Many new temples in the country are built to look like it.

Senso-ji Temple – Tokyo

This is arguably Tokyo’s most popular temple and attracts so many people. It was built in honor of the goddess Kannon. It is one of the most beautiful temples in the country, and its intricate architecture is mostly highlighted by nighttime illumination.

Totai-ji Temple – Nara

This temple has been recognized as the largest wooden building in the world. You will also find one of the biggest statues of Budha here. It is a very peaceful place where herds of deer roam freely.

If you’re visiting Japan anytime soon, be sure to visit any of the above Temples. A fascinating experience awaits you as you explore. Anytime you travel, stay healthy, and remember to take your Solgar and Douglas Laboratories supplements.