Roswell Allen Theaters and Interesting Places in Nevada

If you are looking for a place to relax, but also a place that offers fun at any time of the year, Nevada is the place to be. The desert state boasts a diverse number of places and activities to partake in. It is also a great place to check out from the air!

Curious to find out more? Below are some interesting places in Nevada that might be worth a visit.

Roswell Allen Theatre

Roswell Allen Theatres is a movie theatre located in Nevada. At this place, films that cut across different genres are displayed. The ambiance is conducive and relaxing for a great getaway.

Lake Tahoe

The crystal clear view of the Lake Tahoe offers a place for you to unwind from life’s stress. The 22-mile-long lake is a hot spot for tourists every year. The magnificent scenery of the lake can be enjoyed at any time of the year.


Reno, which is the largest city in Nevada in terms of population, has lots of attractive places for the locals and visitors. The Hot August Nights car convention, National Automobile Museum, and a host of other popular annual celebrations in this city make it worthy of visiting.

Burning Man

Located 3 hours north of Reno, the Burning Man is an annual event held in the Black Rock Desert. At this event, lots of activities take place. Arts and culture are exhibited, and tens of thousands of attendees grace the occasion. It is usually held in late August and early September.

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area one of Nevada’s most popular hiking spots. Located near the outskirt of Las Vegas, the mountains and Box Canyons make this place enjoyable. From road biking to rock climbing, there are so many activities to enjoy.

Boulder City

Boulder City is a small town located 20 miles from Las Vegas. The view of this city is stunning. There are museums, beaches, and a host of other places for you to visit, especially if you are adventurous. Boulder City is a place to be in Nevada. 

There you have it! Above are some interesting places in Nevada. Whether you are looking to relax or have a great time with family and loved ones, you can visit any of the places mentioned above. You can always anticipate a fascinating experience.