Spain Versus Italy: Which Country Should You Vacation In?

Thinking of heading to Southern Europe for a vacation? There are so many countries to consider, but Spain and Italy remain the top options for most tourists. These two countries are known for sunshine, delicious food and wine, beautiful beaches, a relaxed lifestyle, and many other things you will love. While the two have a lot in common, there are appreciable differences. 

Are you currently struggling to choose between Spain and Italy as the next place to spend your vacation? We are here to help. We can’t just tell you to go to Spain or Italy; we will compare the two countries based on factors we feel you should consider and let you make your decision. 

Beaches for Relaxation 

Most tourists visiting Southern Europe want to relax in some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Between the two countries, Spain has better beaches. The country may have fewer miles of coastlines than Italy, but Spain has more Blue Flag beaches than Italy, or any other European country for that matter. 

Food and Drink 

Eating and drinking are important, wherever you decide to go. While vacationing, you will want to try different varieties of local foods and wines, and both countries have them in abundance. It is hard to decide which is better between Italian and Spanish culinary offerings. Most people will give it to Italy when it comes to food and drink but never underestimate Spain. 

Art and Culture 

There are few places on Earth you can compare to Rome when it comes to art galleries. Walking around most Italian cities like Rome and Florence will feel like taking a stroll through an open-air museum. This doesn’t mean Spain is a pushover in art and culture. You may not see as many free arts as in Italy, but there are great museums to visit in Madrid and Barcelona. 


To be honest, you can hardly compare Italy with any country when it comes to architecture. If you are interested in seeing mind-blowing buildings, Italy is the country to visit. From Rome’s Colosseum to Venice’s Basilica di San Marco, there are world wonders all over most Italian cities. 


If you don’t have all the money to spend on this vacation and want to save more, Spain is a better option than Italy. Everything in Italy, including food, entertainment, and accommodation, will likely be more expensive in Italy than Spain. 

There you have it! With the above comparisons, you should be able to decide whether to visit Italy or Spain for your next vacation.