Swimming With Dolphins in Nassau, Bahamas

If you are staying in Nassau, Bahamas, and want to go out and have amazing Bahamian moments, then you need to visit the Blue Lagoon. The Blue Lagoon in an amazing setting that offers you the opportunity to have an encounter with dolphins.

From swimming to hugging and kissing, having educational interaction, and lots more, there are several activities to enjoy when you visit the Blue Lagoon. While you are making your dream of playing with a dolphin a reality, there are few things you should look forward to. If you are looking for even more fun in the Caribbean, check out the Cayman Islands

Swim With Dolphins

At Nassau, Bahamas, you get the opportunity to swim and play with these cute marine animals. Learn about the ways of these amazing creatures, their skills, and experience the feeling of being propelled across a lagoon as you hang onto their backs. 

Have Educational Interactions with Them

There are on-hand professionally trained staffers to assist so you have a playful and educational interaction with the dolphins. In the turquoise lagoon, the program kicks off with the history of dolphins, training techniques, ocean conservation, and more. 

Enjoy the Island View

After you are done swimming and playing with the dolphins, spend some time relaxing on the island while you take in the spectacular views. Wind down with a tropical bar drink and a delicious grilled meal. Note that the foods and drinks come at an additional cost. 

Capture Amazing Moments on Camera

What greater than playing and hugging a charming dolphin? Capturing every moment on camera! In case you want to capture your time with the dolphins on camera, the professional staff will help you do that. 

Playing with the dolphins at Nassau offers you an opportunity to witness firsthand what these marine creatures are all about. You should remember to wear your life jacket before diving into the turquoise lagoon to have an amazing time and a great value for your money.