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Great Camping: Niagara on the Lake

Camping in Niagara is fun. With the variety of camping options offered such as RV, cabin, tent, and trailer sites and the breathtaking views, it is a place that every camper imagines being at. In case you have been thinking about camping in Niagara, this post is for you. Here, we will talk about great camping in Niagara.

Daisy Barn Campground

The Daisy Barn Campground is an amazing and friendly spot. The environment is clean and healthy for campers. It is one of the most visited campsites in Niagara because of its aesthetics and infrastructure. 

Shalamar Lake Campground

The Shalamar Lake Campground is a family-oriented campground. The ambiance is tranquil and there are a lot of spaces for the busy season. It is one of the most talked about campgrounds in Niagara. What’s more, it’s a fun place to be.

Rock Point Provincial Park

The Rock Point Provincial Park can accommodate many types of camping equipment, ranging from cars to RVs, and a lot more. Waterfront views and electricity are also available. Other activities that you can enjoy at this campground include swimming, fishing, boating, and hiking. There is so much to enjoy in this location.

Emerald Lake Trailer Resort and Waterpark

The Emerald Lake Trailer Resort and Waterpark is one of the best campgrounds you can visit in Niagara. There are rock climbing walls, a deep kiddie pool and a host of other infrastructures set up to ensure that you have great camping.

Turkey Point Provincial Park

Turkey Point Provincial Park is a campsite that accommodates various camping vehicles. It is suitable for a family and friends getaway. There is a beach that is sandy and water safe for swimming. The water has a sandy bottom and is warm to help you relax. There are zip lines and hiking trails in place to take your camping experience to a whole new level. 

There you have it! Above are some fascinating camping sites in Niagara where you can visit. These are great camping areas in Niagara on the Lake. They are safe, have established infrastructure, and activities to ensure that you have a wonderful camping experience with your family or friends. You can visit any of them today. Whether it is a week-long camp trip or you are just going for the weekend, you are guaranteed to have an amazing camping experience.

Portable Showers: Camping and Staying Clean

Camping can be one of the best family experiences during a holiday, vacation, or weekend adventure. There are developed campsites all over the world where you can bring a tent and have some fun.

When you are camping for more than a couple of days, the urge to have a shower can become intense. If your campground doesn’t have facilities for you to use, it might seem like you’ll be dirty and smelly until you get home.

That’s when a portable shower makes for a valuable investment. You can go camping and stay clean!

What Are the Benefits of a Portable Shower?

Portable showers can solve the sanitation issues that happen when people gather for an extended time. It might only be you with your family or friends, but it won’t take long for potential problems to creep up.

There are also some additional benefits to consider when using a portable shower when camping.

Emergency Source of Water

There are times when you might need to have an extra water supply when camping. Having a portable shower ready to use can provide that requirement. It can help you to get clean, remove dirt from a wound, or help with drinking needs if you’re in a tight spot.

Added Comfort

Camping can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a time when youngsters start missing what is at home. A portable shower can provide a moment of comfort that can reduce the feelings of homesickness that can sometimes lead to unwanted behaviors.

Accessories Make it Adaptable 

A basic portable shower hangs from a tree so that you can become clean. Most models will also work with a variety of accessories so that you can personalize the experience. You could set up a shower tent so that you’re not stuck showering in your swimming apparel. Biodegradable shampoos make it easier to stay clean. Then you can dry off using a microfiber towel.

Easy to Transport

You can take a portable shower to any camping location. It is possible to use them even when you’re out in the backcountry. That means there is never a need to compromise on your hygiene while you take some time to enjoy nature with your family or friends.

What Will it Cost?

Many portable showers are in a price range between $50 to $100. If you want additional features, such as a privacy tent, then you can expect to double the retail price of your preferred model.

When you start thinking about cleanliness and hygiene while camping, it is important to remember your eating habits. If you aren’t maintaining an appropriate nutritional profile, then your body will respond with more odor because it must work harder to remove toxins.

Using products from brands like Amazing Grass, Standard Process, or Metagenics can help you to stay healthy and energetic while camping. Each manufacturer creates specific items that support your physical and mental needs.

Take a portable shower with you to ensure cleanliness. Then remember to eat clean too!