Travel Guide to the Japan Fall Festival

In Japan, the illuminating and bright colors of fall make this time of the year ideal for festivals. The Fall Festival is a popular one that attracts many tourists who take advantage of the fall period to witness the Japanese mountains, gardens, and more.

So you better enjoy your stay while attending the Japan Fall Festival, we have provided a guide for things you can do during this time of year in the article below. 


Japan has gardens that offer mesmerizing views. From the Icho Namiki to the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, these locations are ideal places to visit during the Fall Festival. These parks have expansive grounds suitable for a picnic, cycling, and more recreational activities

Moon Viewing

Also known as Otsukimi, this is an annual tradition in Japan that happens in mid-September. During this time, locals and tourists gather to gaze upon the moon. Use the opportunity to take in the natural and stunning view of the moon.

Enjoy the Colors of the Arashiyama

Arashiyama is one of the best places to enjoy the beautiful fall scenery. Here you will see tourists and nationals all gathered to capture the natural and wonderful views this place has to offer.

Visit the Rikugien

Located in the heart of Tokyo, the Rikugien is one of the best gardens that you can visit. At night, the place is lit up, which blends with the vast and lush pond with a scintillating and exciting view. It is one that is most-worthwhile places to visit. 

There you have it! Above is a travel guide to the Japan Fall Festival. Japan is a fantastic country with beautiful and well-developed cities. The Japan Fall Festival offers tourists the opportunity to visit the country, view, and enjoy lots of amazing things.
From scenic views to amazing natural landscapes, train rides, vibrant city life, and much more, many things make the country enjoyable for you or your family. If you travel to Japan during the Fall Festival, you will definitely have a fantastic experience.