What to Do if You Have 1 Day in Valencia, Spain

On paying a visit to the sprawling Valencia city of Spain, you will find a vast array of activities and attractions that will challenge you to explore everything. While visiting the city, you will discover remarkable and historic sites, architecture, arts, and more.

Spending one day in Valencia means you have to make the best use of your stay and enjoy the best attractions. To achieve this, we have compiled a list of things to do if you have one day in Valencia. 

Visit the Valencia Cathedral 

The Valencia Cathedral dates back to the 13th and 14th centuries. It is rumored to house the Holy Grail, so you can set out to find out for yourself. Climb your way all to the Miguelete Bell Tower from where you will take in the breathtaking panoramic view of the city. 

Tour the City of Arts and Sciences

Located at one end of the Turia Gardens, the City of Arts and Sciences consists of futuristic buildings that house amazing arts and sciences exhibition. You can visit the Prince Philip Science Museum, where you will find a botanical collection, an opera house, oceanarium, theatre, and a sports arena. The L’Hemisferic, designed to look like a human eye, is another attractive spot here where you will find 3D projection cinema. 

The Beaches in Valencia 

There is a shortage of beaches in Valencia. There are lots of beaches to choose from in this city. They are sunny and warm enough to help you and your family and friends to have a relaxing and memorable time in Valencia. Relaxation is key, of course! Feeling restful means not suffering from aches and pains from the flight or walking around. Terry Naturally, Results RNA, and NuMedica products may help with this, so check them out!

The Central Market

To gain better insight into the daily activities and lives of the locals, the Central Market is an ideal place to achieve this. This is a historical building where you will find and ship different food items while you observe what it feels like to live in Valencia.

The city of Valencia is an amazing place to visit, explore, and enjoy yourself. You can visit Valencia at any time of the year, especially when there is enough sunshine. The fascinating culture, picturesque landscape, beaches, and other interesting places across the city will make your one-day vacation a memorable one. A fantastic experience awaits you as you visit Valencia, Spain. But don’t fret if you are looking to make a day trip somewhere else entirely. Seoul, Korea, is a great place to enjoy a day trip, too!