What To Do in Egypt in a Weekend

If you want to experience notable as well as oldest examples of human civilization and society, you must visit this country. Yes, this country is the abode to some popular tourist destinations. You can find Egyptian exhibits in museums across the globe. Yes, this country is holding a very rich and dynamic history. There are so many things to see such as the Giza Pyramid, the tomb of King Tutankhamen, Ras Mohammed National Park and many more. Anyway, if you are planning to do some things in Egypt this weekend, you are in the right place. Here, we are going to let you know about the things that you can do in Egypt on a weekend. So, do not miss the following points:

Old Cairo Exploration

Exploring Old Cairo can be a great thing that you can do this weekend. Yes, if you want to visualize the leftover of the old Egyptian capitals, you must this place. Here, you can see Jewish, Coptic and Islamic art. Apart from these, the Christian monuments and old churches are making this place one of the most popular destinations for tourists. Along with these, you can see the famous Roman Catholic Cemetery, Hanging Church, Ben Ezra Synagogue and many more.

Cycling, Running and Having Scrumptious Breakfast

Egyptians are giving preference to health and fitness. Every Friday, they organize a running campaign in Cairo. You can join them. Or you can join the cycling ride. Apart from these, you can enjoy tasty breakfast in the morning with your families and friends. In the weekend, you can visit Tutti Matti and enjoy an open buffet. Apart from these, you can enjoy pancakes, Maddi scramble and many more.

Take Nile Taxi Ride

Well, if you in Egypt, you cannot overlook the beauty of the Nile river. You can enjoy lunch or brunch and breakfast while visualizing the beauty of the Nile River. Apart from these, you can take a Nile taxi ride to enjoy the beautiful sunset.

Enjoy Food at Zamalek Island

Well, you can enjoy tasty and delicious foods at Zamalek Island. You can enjoy tasty burgers from the Burger Factory. It is probably the best burger factory in town. Moreover, you can have date and apple from the house of Cake Café. If you want to enjoy a heavy and delicious Egyptian meal, you can also have it from the Cairo Kitchen.

So, these are some things that you can do in Egypt in a weekend. Can you thing of other fun places to go on a family getaway?