What to Do In New Zealand in a Weekend

Most people don’t know this – New Zealand is an exciting place for a weekend getaway. If you have ever been there, you will know that there are many wonderful places to visit for a wonderful experience. It is actually a land of mystery.

If you don’t know the right places to go, a weekend in New Zealand can be like a weekend in any other regular place. We are here to help you make the best out of it, however. Here are some of the most spectacular things to do in New Zealand on the weekend:

Have Fun at 90 Mile Beach

90Mile beach is one of the most spectacular places for young people. That doesn’t mean older people are banned. If you are young at heart, it doesn’t matter how old you are; you will have fun here.

Climb a Volcanic Island

The youngest volcano in New Zealand, Rangitoto Island, is just about 600 years. How about that? Well, you can climb this island the next time you visit the area. An evening guided kayak is the best way to experience it.

Set Sail in the Bay Of Island

The Bay of Island looks and feels like a reserved place for the rich, but like every other wonderful place in New Zealand, it is accessible to everyone. You will enjoy everything here, from the perfect beaches to the deserted islands to the secluded inlets.

Walk up Auckland’s Highest Volcanic Cone

Mount Eden is Auckland’s highest volcanic cone, but a very short walk will get you to the top. You will get the best view of Auckland city from this sacred place.

Sample Some of the Finest Wines the Country Has To Offer

Some of New Zealand’s best wines are grown in Waiheke Island, which is just a day trip from Auckland City. There are more than 30 vineyards here, so you will be spoilt with choices.

Hang Out At Hobbiton

Hobbiton is one of the most popular attractions on the north island. It is definitely a good place to visit if you are in the county for a weekend. This fairytale land has all the magic you are looking for.

A weekend in New Zealand can be a lot of fun if you know the right places to visit. We hope the suggestions here help you enjoy your weekend better.